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What is a tandem jump?

A tandem jump offers you an opportunity to get a first impression of parachuting and have the incredible free fall experience without having to complete a training course first. The whole procedure is guided by a very experienced parachutist, the so-called tandem master, who has undergone special training and certification. You will be his guest and able to enjoy your tandem jump without distractions. Already during the ascent in the airplane you can feel the suspense rising. At an altitude of ca. 4000 meters, you finally exit the airplane together with your tandem master, followed by ca. 50 seconds of free fall. At an altitude of ca. 1500 meters, your tandem master will open the parachute, and after 5-10 minutes of open canopy gliding you safely touch the ground again.

Is it possible to shoot a video or take photos during the tandem jump?

Yes, it is possible and also highly recommended, as you are sure to watch your video or your photos time and time again. The video and/or pictures are taken by an accompanying parachutist wearing a special helmet camera. Shooting already starts on the ground, documenting your preparations, and in particular your anticipation getting into the airplane. Take-off and ascent of the airplane and the atmosphere aboard will also be documented. During the fee fall phase, the cameraman will remain close to you and film the whole thing. The documentation closes with the excitement in your face after the landing. Due to the related costs for the accompanying cameraman, your video and/or photos will be charged extra (see "prices" section). Usually, we will edit and add music to your video right after the landing. If you brought friends along, you will normally be able to show them your video in our airfield bistro. You will receive your video and/or photos conveniently by email, usually on the same day.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes you do, because it facilitates our planning. Jumping season is from April to the end of October, Friday to Sunday every week, plus several extra dates on weekdays published under www.fsz-saar.de and Facebook. We recommend giving us a call one or two weeks in advance under +49 (0) 6837 74136 in order to schedule a date. The time scheduled is the time you should be at the airport. If you wish to schedule a jump date at short notice – give us a call! There is always a chance we have a free slot on one of the next dates, so feel free to contact us spontaneously.

What happens if the weather is bad?

We define bad weather as rain, low clouds or strong wind. If this is the case, give us a call and we will agree on another date. If you have not heard from us and are unsure about the weather conditions when the day comes, do not hesitate to call us to verify whether the tandem jump is possible or not. However, please note that a tandem jump does not require a crystal clear sky.

How much time do I need?

We will expect you on the airfield at the scheduled time. We seek to perform your tandem jump without much waiting, so that you should be able to leave the airfield within 2 to 3 hours. However, we ask for your patience and understanding should any delays occur due to meteorological or administrative reasons.

What do I need to wear/bring?

We recommend comfortable casual clothes depending on the weather. Please bring comfortable sneakers or casual shoes that can be tied firmly. We will provide you with a jumpsuit , leather cap and goggles.

How will I be prepared for the jump?

Just before the jump, one of our tandem masters will give you a detailed briefing of about 10 minutes, The tandem master will explain to you the general procedure and ask you to perform several practical exercises with him. The briefing mainly explains exiting the airplane, body posture during free fall and behaviour during the gliding/landing phase. The instruction also covers putting on the jumpsuit, cap and goggles as well as putting on the passenger harness that will connect you to your tandem master and which will be put on during the ascend.

Are there any preconditions?

You should be at least 12 years of age, at least 140 cm tall and not weigh more than 95 kilos. Minors must present a written confirmation signed by their legal guardian(s).

Do I need to see a doctor first?

No, that is not necessary, and in principle, you do not need to present a medical certificate either. However, if you suffer from certain ailments, in particular cardiovascular or back problems, we recommend consulting a doctor first. In cases of acute colds or flu (also bronchitis, frontal sinusitis etc.) as well as during pregnancies, we strongly advise against performing a tandem jump.

I wear glasses/contacts. Can I still jump?

Yes, that is no problem. We provide all tandem guests with windproof goggles. For wearers of glasses, we have special overglasses which can easily be worn over regular glasses.

What velocity is reached during the flight?

Free fall velocity is about 200 km/h.

Is it even possible to breathe during free fall?

Initially, you may be surprised by the upstream flow, but you will be able to breathe normally, most easily through the nose.

We are a group of persons. Can we all get into the same airplane?

If the circumstances permit it, we will gladly accommodate that wish. Please note however that in such case, you will start in the same airplane but jump separately, each with your own tandem master. There is no way you can be together during free fall or during the gliding phase.

Is a tandem jump a dangerous matter?

Even though tandem jumps can be considered a harmless and safe matter, accidents can not be ruled out 100%, even though they are extremely rare! The highest risk of accident exists during the landing phase. The guest's active role in the landing is mostly limited to bending their knees and lifting their feet. The landing itself is the responsibility of the tandem master, who always touches down first. Depending on the wind and weight conditions, you will have a standing or sitting landing.

Will I be insured?

In the unlikely event that you get injured, your health insurance will pay all related costs. Sporting injuries fall under regular insurance cover. In addition, we provide the following insurance cover for tandem jumps:
  • 1. Statutory third party liability insurance for owners of parachutes, with a coverage of 1.5 million EUR for damages to persons or property; and
  • 2. Air carrier liability insurance for tandem systems (passenger liability insurance), with a coverage of 1.000.000 EUR for damages to persons.

What happens if the parachute does not open?

All parachuting systems consist of a harness, a main parachute and a reserve. Should the main parachute not be fully operational when opened, it will be released and the reserve will be opened. The reserve has the same dimensions as the main parachute, allowing for the same safe landing. Unlike the main parachute, the reserve must be packed by specially schooled reserve parachute riggers.

Is it okay if I bring spectators?

Yes, we are happy to welcome visitors and want them to feel at home with us. However, we must ask them to remain within the designated areas for tandem guests and visitors and follow our staff's instructions. We understand that spectators wish to be as close as possible to the action and probably want to take a lot of pictures. Nevertheless, certain sensitive areas are off-limits for spectators, such as the packing area and the entry zone as well as taxiways and rollways.

I was given a gift certificate, but I do not want to jump. What can I do?

No problem, our gift certificates can be transferred to someone else. Make a gift to a friend and let us know his or her name. We regret that there is no refund for gift certificates.

How long will a gift certificate remain valid?

Der Gutschein ist 3 Jahre gültig.

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